It is human nature to desire the sense that you belong. Since the beginning of time, we have integrated among others in communities. In today’s society we tend to want to be in a community where we share similar interests, professional associations, sports or clubs. Being a part of a community can help us develop a stronger sense of personal identity and boost self-esteem. Feeling disconnected from other humans and society can certainly take a toll on your mental and physical health. The following are some of the reasons why being a part of a community is so beneficial to our well-being.

Feeling Supported and Safe

Our current times and uncertainty during a pandemic have left us all feeling vulnerable. Having a supportive network can relieve the feeling of hopelessness that a community offers.


Being around others who share the same interests and values makes us not feel alone in this world. Belonging to a group gives us strength and helps us cope with any negativity that may be in our life.

Make A Difference 

There may be times when you find yourself in a rut or creating bad habits. Having others who are looking out for your overall well being is essential to your health. They can be motivational and provide a more positive environment.

Giving Back

Adding worth and value to a community by sharing activities, ideas and feelings can greatly improve your sense of self. Being able to give to others is a huge benefit and will create positivity and empowerment.

Learning From Others

Embrace the knowledge that others can give. Learning from other people’s views, experience or beliefs can be incredibly insightful.

Learn To Be More Accepting

A challenge that most often face in a community setting is accepting others for who they are. Acceptance can bring so much peace within yourself. It doesn’t always mean you agree, but you accept your differences.

Grow Connections

As for the professional side of things, being a part of a community can bring many opportunities. Building a network of strong relationships can open up new doors.

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