I recently realized that I do a lot of talking. I like to talk, but talking means I’m not listening. So many things open up to our minds, body, and spirit through the power of listening. 

What I Should Be Listening To

  • The word of God– not just reading scripture, but apply those words into my daily life.
  • The spirit of God– life gets busy with many distractions and I don’t always take the time to listen to the guidance of the spirit throughout the day. I need to be mindful of this even when it doesn’t feel possible.
  • My Spouse- I have found that I don’t always hear my spouse. I need to take the time to slow down, look her in the eye, and hear what she is saying.
  • Friends/Colleagues/Members of the Church– I need to better understand that the difference in each of us is what brings value to conversations and ultimately to ourselves.
  • To The News– I need to be better at understanding what is going on in the world around me and not limiting myself to one informational source.

As the old saying goes, I have two ears and one mouth, which means you should be doing more listening than talking. I am realizing that now and my ears are open to God, to you, and to anyone else who would like to be heard.

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About Jesus Love Temple

Evangelismania – We are a lively church focused on spreading the Gospel message into the entire world! Evangelismania was a term given to Pastor Shockley by God. It is a theme for our church’s strategy of…

  • Taking every possible opportunity to share the gospel message of Jesus Christ to the lost.
  • Taking every possible opportunity to invite someone to church
  • Living a Christian life that shines the Light of Christ and supports church evangelism
  • We believe God wants us to help those in need. At Jesus Love Temple YOU are important!

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