We are a lively church focused on spreading the Gospel message into the entire world!

Evangelismania was a term given to Pastor Shockley by God. It is a theme for our church’s strategy of…

  • Taking every possible opportunity to share the gospel message of Jesus Christ to the lost.
  • Taking every possible opportunity to invite someone to church
  • Living a Christian life that shines the Light of Christ and supports church evangelism

We believe God wants us to help those in need. At Jesus Love Temple YOU are important!



Prayer, study, gatherings, and activities


Prayer requests, testimonies, and words of encouragement


Sharing the good news with our family, friends, and the world


Help us serve our community and our world


Offerings, contributions, and charitable donations

What to Expect

Jesus Love Temple is a lively church! We believe in exciting praise and sincere worship!
We have activities for all ages. Serving the Lord is not boring at Jesus Love Temple!

Sunday Worship Experience

Every Sunday @ 11:15am


Wednesday Leadership Training

Every Wednesday @ 7:30pm


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10 Simple Strategies For Prayer…

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When People Pray For Us, It Helps Us Heal…

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