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  1. Hi my name is Savannah i am a 31 year old woman who came to believe in Jesus in October 2015 by going to a TEEN CHALLENGE PROGRAM in Garrison. New York. And it CHANGED MY LIFE!! Or I should say IT SAVED MY LIFE!! I am very interested in your church & I plan on attending this week service. I am new to the area due to an abusive relationship im temeporily here in Milford because I had to give up my home due to this situation and lost my car ctually I lost EVERYTHING due to this situation but the one thing he DIDN’T TAKE was MY LIFE!! And the only one who gets the CREDIT is GOD because IF NOT FOR HIM and his love for me did I survive!!

    • God bless you Savannah – please let us know how you enjoyed our service. Feel free to come back and visit us this Sunday, July 16 at 11:15 a.m. We appreciate you sharing your time with us.


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