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Noonday Bible Study

For those who are unable to attend our Wednesday night Connect gatherings, we are pleased to offer an alternative opportunity to delve into the Word of God. Our Noonday Bible Study provides a convenient and spiritually enriching option for your study and fellowship. This midday session allows you to immerse yourself in the teachings of the Bible and connect with other members of our faith community during your lunch break or free time. We understand that life’s demands can sometimes make it challenging to attend evening events, and we want to ensure that everyone has access to the transformative power of God’s Word.

Wednesday Connect 7:00PM

Prepare for a night of purposeful and meaningful connection within our faith community as we gather to celebrate and welcome new members, converts, volunteers, and leaders into our fold. This special evening is dedicated to fostering intentional relationships and exploring the five core ‘ships’ that anchor our spiritual journey: Sonship, Discipleship, Fellowship, Stewardship, and Leadership.


Embrace the depth of your relationship with the Heavenly Father, recognizing your identity as a beloved child of God.


Explore the path of continual growth and learning as we follow in the footsteps of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Strengthen the bonds of Christian community as we come together in unity and support for one another.


Reflect on the responsibility of managing the gifts and resources entrusted to us by God for the advancement of His kingdom.


Discover the potential within yourself to lead and inspire others on their spiritual journey.bThis night is an opportunity to connect, share experiences, and nurture relationships that will enrich your walk of faith. Whether you are a seasoned member or new to our faith family, we encourage you to join us for this transformative evening of fellowship and growth.

Let us come together to celebrate the diversity and unity that makes our faith community special and let us strengthen our collective commitment to living out these five essential ‘ships’ in our lives. We look forward to seeing you there!

Youth Wednesday Connect 7:15PM (Shockley Hall)

Get ready to engage with our vibrant youth community for an unforgettable Wednesday night packed with excitement, meaningful interaction, and lasting connections!

Join us as we come together for a youth-focused gathering that promises a blend of fun and substance. This is more than just an event; it’s an opportunity for the youth to bond, learn, and grow together.

Expect an evening brimming with enjoyable activities, lively discussions, and the chance to connect with fellow youth members who share your interests and values. We believe in the power of nurturing our youth’s faith and providing them with a supportive environment where they can thrive.

Let’s make this Wednesday night one to remember, filled with friendships, inspiration, and the joy of connecting. We can’t wait to see you there!

Sunday School 10:00AM

We are excited to invite individuals of all ages to participate in our Sunday School program—an inclusive and enriching opportunity to deepen your understanding of the Bible.

At Sunday School, we believe that knowledge of God’s Word is a lifelong journey, and everyone, regardless of age or background, is encouraged to join us. Whether you’re a young child, a teenager, a young adult, a parent, or a senior, you’ll find a welcoming and nurturing environment to explore the teachings of the Bible.

Our Sunday School sessions are designed to provide a space where questions are embraced, insights are shared, and the wisdom of Scripture is made accessible to all. It’s a chance to connect with a diverse group of individuals who share your enthusiasm for the Bible.

Come as you are, and let’s embark on this wonderful journey of biblical discovery together, every Sunday, as we grow in our faith and understanding of God’s Word.


In accordance with scripture, it is a divine directive for those who have been born again to demonstrate their faith through obedience to the Lord in the sacred act of Baptism. If you have not yet experienced this transformative rite or feel the calling to be baptized once again, we warmly invite you to take this significant step in your spiritual journey.

Please take a moment to Contact Us to express your desire to partake in this holy sacrament. Your participation will take place in the reverent and sanctified waters of our sanctuary’s heated pool, where the grace of God will wash over you.

As you make this commitment, know that you are joining a community of believers who support and celebrate your decision. May this act of obedience strengthen your faith, and may you experience the profound blessings that flow from it. We look forward to sharing this sacred moment with you.

Child Dedication

In reverence to the tradition of dedicating children to the Lord, we invite and encourage parents to partake in this sacred act as a profound expression of faith and commitment. In the same spirit that Jesus was dedicated as a child, we believe in the significance of consecrating our children to God’s loving care.

Our Child Dedication ceremonies are held on the first Sunday of each month, from October through June. It is a special occasion where parents, surrounded by our church community, come together to dedicate their children to the Lord and seek His divine blessings upon their lives.

This beautiful ceremony serves as a testament to your faith as parents and your desire to nurture your children in a spiritual and loving environment. We believe that through dedication, you are making a heartfelt commitment to raise your children in the ways of faith and love.

Please take a moment to Contact Us to express your desire to partake in this dedication.