Becoming a Christ follower can be confusing. Here are nine tips to help prepare you for the journey…

1. Be A Baby In Christ

It can be intimidating when you feel like everyone has all the answers. You cannot walk in and know as much as the people who have been there their whole life. It’s okay to start where you are and grow with the help of those who know more.

2. The Bible Is Not Always An Easy Read

The Bible is not always an easy read. Genesis starts the Bible on a great note. It Is exciting to see how the world began. Exodus can be exciting as well; it has the burning bushes, plagues, Moses and the Sea, and shaking mountains. However, reading Leviticus is difficult. Ask others for help when it gets hard, so you don’t quit.

3. Christian Living Has Ups And Downs

Christian living has ups and downs. This is most commonly learned the hard way. If you don’t know that ups and downs come with the territory, you can feel overwhelmed with the “down” times and think that it is due to your lack of faith or sin. It is good to know that we are not being punished for our sins but that this is just a circumstance of life, that we will soon get past and be in an “up” moment.

4. You Are Not Alone In Your Difficulties

Everyone has temptations and struggles with sin. If you think that you are the only one, it makes you feel like a failure.

5. The Devil Is Real

We tend to think of the devil as a fictional character. However, we need to realize that he is real and that there are spiritual battles. We cannot win these on our own. We must pray for God’s help to fight this spiritual war with the devil.

6. Many People Do Not Pray Well

Prayers do not need to be fancy and deep feeling, using words that you cannot even pronounce or understand. Praying comes from the heart and none of us pray properly. Praying is talking to God, and we can help each other grow our relationship with Him when we help each other to pray.

7. Some People Won’t Be As Excited As You Are

Christian conversion can be a powerful experience. You have probably come to Christ because of someone sharing with you. You then will want to share with others your excitement. It can be hard, and you feel defeated if others do not share in your excitement. It is good to know ahead of time that not everyone feels this excitement and not to take it so personally.

8. No Church Is Perfect

The church is made of people and people are not perfect. They are tempted and they sin. Only Jesus is perfect and everyone else is working to improve to that perfection. The church is here to help guide us to become more like Christ.

9. God Is Always Faithful

Trust the words of Psa. 37.25 “I have been young and now I am old, yet I have not seen the righteous abandoned or his children begging for bread.” God always cares for His own.

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