Praying is not easy for us. It comes easily for some of us but is a challenge for a lot of us. We tend to pray more when we are experiencing turmoil, not when life is going well. When we decide to try and fix this problem by taking on many prayers all at once we usually fail and then get down on ourselves. It is ideal to build our prayer life with one step and add to it over time to increase our daily prayers.

Establish Some Prayer Triggers

This means assigning certain tasks with certain prayers so that they become part of your daily activities. An example would be to pray before starting your car. As you prepare your meals you can say small prayers as well. When cleaning or exercising you can add prayers to your day. This will start to become a routine and you will automatically pray when doing this activity.

Use the Church Bulletin or Calendar as a Prayer Guide

You can see the scheduled events occurring in the church in the bulletin or on the calendar. Pray for these events on the day they occur. For example, if it is Wednesday and the youth group meets on Wednesday use that and pray for the youth group. Let this be your guide for who to pray for each day.

Develop a “Focus on the Family” Prayer Strategy

You can pray for a different church family each week. Ask them what their needs are and how you can pray for them. Doing this with others ensures that all families will have a week where they are covered in prayer. Don’t just pray for the active church members, be sure to include the inactive members. This might be what brings them back to the church.

Follow the ACTS Paradigm

This is still an effective way to grow in prayer. Make your prayer list based on Adoration (giving God praise for who He is), Confession (acknowledging our sins), Thanksgiving (giving thanks for our gits), and Supplication (simply praying for other people), This is a good way to keep your prayer time focused. An example is to start the week with ACTs, then take part in them for the rest of the week. For instance, Monday use the ACTS, Tuesday Adore God today, Wednesday look at your sins and confess them, Thursday, be thankful, Friday is the day to pray for other people.

“Drive-By” Praying

The time spent in your car can be put to good use when you use that time to pray. When you pass churches say a prayer for the members of the church. When passing a school pray for the teachers and the students. If you see a sign in a yard for a house for sale, pray for the moving family as well as the family moving in. Before you walk in to work each day, say a prayer for your coworkers.

Create Some “Prayer Power Points”

This simply means there is a certain time of the day that you stop whatever it is you are doing and pray. You can set an alarm to help you remember this time.

Pray the “Model Prayer” of Matthew 6:9-13 Daily

Jesus taught us this prayer and it is a good way to start each day. Take it slow and use the phrases to meditate on. As you pray these words, they become a conversation with God.

Pray As You Read the News

Use reading or watching the news to lead your prayer. Pray for families, other countries, and government leaders.

Send an Email or Social Media Prayer to Someone Each Day

This doesn’t have to be a long prayer but take 10 minutes and pray for a person and then write them an email and send it. This is a good way to encourage others. The recipient will get a smile knowing you are thinking about them.

Remember that it is better to start slowly and build your prayer life. This will be a great way to grow your prayer life without overwhelming yourself and becoming discouraged that it is too much.

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