I wrote a post titled “Why Spouses Should Pray Together Each Day” several years ago. Although I stand by this statement, I have come to realize this is hard for a lot of us to do.

10 reasons it is difficult for us to pray with our spouse each day

  • We don’t pray daily. We, as a whole, struggle to pray alone, not to mention taking time to pray with our spouse.
  • We aren’t building our marriages with God as the foundation. Though we go to church and appear to be a strong faith-filled family, we do not keep the faith as part of our everyday life.
  • Our spouse can tell when we are not living our life in line with God. We don’t want to come across as just going through the motions when they can tell we are not into it, so we just avoid praying with them.
  • We are sure we don’t have the time to pray every day. It isn’t as if we need to spend hours praying together every day. Short prayers are a great place to start and are enough to build spiritual intimacy.
  • We are not comfortable praying with other people—even if that other person is our spouse.
  • The level of spiritual intimacy that this requires is something we don’t like. Some people have anxiety over this incredibly deep level of intimacy.
  • Our spouse has more of a commitment to Christ than we do. This can cause us to be intimidated when praying with them.
  • It didn’t work when we tried it in the past. We may have grown in our prayer life, but we have still stopped putting effort into praying with each other.
  • We pray before meals and feel that is enough. While it is good to pray with our spouse before meals, these aren’t the intentional prayers I am discussing. I mean seeking out God with each other.
  • We haven’t been challenged to pray daily with our spouse before. So, I am challenging you now and I am also challenging myself to pray with your spouse every day!

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